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Welcome to Friends ccfbanking Limited. Friends, this is a completely new concept. Nidhi is a company of companies. Which is related to non-banking finance sector and is recognized under Section 804 of the Companies Act 2013. The main business of the Nidhi Company is to save money from its members. And give loan to your member only. Nidhi 620A of the Companies Act 1956 is a company registered under section 804 of the new company Bill 2012 passed by Lok Sabha. And the Ministry of Corporate Affairs is regulated by the MCA. Between 2000 and 2010, many MLM companies came to India and along with this many investment companies also came to SEBI, after getting license from SEBI, they used to invest in their current business like real state hotel investment by CAI SCAM, but such investment There was mercury full of dangers. In such a situation there was no guarantee of Publik's money. And even today many lawsuits are going on in court and the money of the people is in danger. In these circumstances, a committee was formed in the Lok Sabha in 2010, whose name was Savannah Yagam Committee, this committee submitted a report to the Government of India in which there were suggestions to protect people from such fraudulent companies. The most important suggestion was the Savannah Yagam Committee. After the suggestion of the Nidhi Company and this committee, on 01 April 2014, the Government of India released the Nidhi Guideline and the new Fund Companies Act was implemented in the whole of India.

Friends ccfbanking Limited is a public company registered under this fund companies law.

Friends, saving today is our fundamental economic condition. Q Today, in the advertising era, we spend more than we earn. Many products are updated in our daily life. Everyday we watch TV, read newspapers and stay on social media. In these places, we see advertisements of many products throughout the day. Advertisements generate craving in our mind. And we bring these fascinating things to our house by taking loans or borrowing from friends, we want to have a good mobile TV, a home AC, a well-designed refrigerator, a furniture and all the modern facilities in the theater. Want to see every new film coming, want to go to Dhumna. Want to teach children in good school. We want to do more but friends, do we be able to do this, does our income allow us to do this, perhaps we do not often want to do this in our life but still we are not able to get all the comforts,

And in life, we do not even save for the future, do you not think that in such a situation, saving and income are in our basic economic condition, you feel that you need income and future savings, then today's conditions ccfbanking Limited platform is the best platform in India

So let us discuss that ccfbanking Limited platform is the best platform for you.

The official Suruat of Prio Friends ccfbanking Limited was held on 24 April 2017 in Sitamarhi, Bihar. After three years of deep research, ccfbanking lunched all its products and services in public in April 2020.

Friends, before the ccfbanking started, we knew that we are going north in an ocean where the storm has already come. But our belief that a clear guideline and our reputation of adding back the broken bharosha of people gave birth to ccfbanking. ccfbanking was launched by its first director and CMD & CEO A. Happened under the leadership of K Mehra.

In some time, the ccfbanking has started to go to high levels, in which all the employees of ccfbanking, whether they are of Fild or in office, they all have significant contribution.

ccfbanking CMD & CEO MR AK Mehra and the management team started with the idea that it can be said that the day ccfbanking will be one of the strongest economic institutions in India. On the second third day, in newspapers and TV companies read the news of financial fraud and the escape of companies by making money. In such a round, our members on the ccfbanking are cheering, so the reason behind it is the 28-page guide line of the Government of India which makes the savings of the members within the ccfbanking completely safe.

Friends, ccfbanking Limited is a public company under this guide line and it has no sole owner or owner. Which can drive alone ccfbanking. ccfbanking is a corporate body headed by a management board.

ccfbanking conducts all kinds of economic transactions with its members only under the guide line of the Government of India. ccfbanking's Rule & Regulation is like a bank but for your members only, you can say that ccfbanking is a family of its members. If I say, in today's time, my own savings is the most secure today, then he is inside the ccfbanking Fund Commission. ccfbanking works with its full ability to take investment and loan from its members. Our members are aware of our economic status. With this, it is very easy for our member to take decision of their investment.

Keeping our membase safe is not a mission but a mission. ccfbanking uses its member's investments to provide only secured loans. If the amount of loan is not returned from our members even then all our amount is safe. The ccfbanking does not invest the savings made by its members in any kind of real state, that is, the land purchase, Farok or any other type of trade, so that the investment of our member can be jeopardized.

* ccfbanking only deposit loan

* Morgje lone

* Electronic and electronic items are payable.

Historically, for the first time in India, the Government of India has prepared such a system as a fund. Even if ccfbanking Limited has to return all the members simultaneously, ccfbanking Limited is in such a situation that it can return the money of all the members simultaneously. Even if ccfbanking does not have its loan money later
Because ccfbanking Limited deposits more than 10% of its Vijenesh faund every month in the form of FDI of the Government of India and these 10% funds are deposited and the ccfbanking has so much fund at any time that the members of ccfbanking There is no total fund either.

ccfbanking Limited only dividend 25% of total profit after depositing their tax and 75% of the rest is like Net on Fund in Reseve and Surplus and this brings us to the notice that at any time we You can return the savings to all your members. So friends, know how safe your savings in ccfbanking is. Can you imagine keeping your savings more than this or not? That is why your savings in ccfbanking claim to be the most secure.

Friends, how important is saving in our lives. We can understand from this point that whenever there is any financial emergency in our life. So we want to borrow from our friends or relatives or loan from bank. Why should we not earn or do so much today. Remember, if you save your money, then tomorrow this money will save you. If you do not save your money today, then tomorrow you will not save this money either. According to the saving principle of Warren Baffet, every person should save 40% of their total income, we motivate at least this society to save 20% of its income.

So friends, now we talk about the management team of ccfbanking Limited
ccfbanking's strong management systeam is the biggest reason behind the progress of ccfbanking and development of its members. Many years of experience, good education, good bacgraund ability to take decisions on time and right decisions at the right time is the reason why ccfbanking Limited is constantly making new heights.

Friends our CMD & CEO Mr. A.K Mehra designed this system after 3 years of hard work.
School Education from B.S.E.B Patna.
B.R.A.B.U Graduate from Muzaffarpur.
Diploma in Business Management Administrion from L.N. Mishra Patna.
Webdevloper from RBBI.
LIB law Collage Delhi to LLB. After working in many MNC, only people are working for economic development. A.K Mehra Sir is not only a strong pillar of ccfbanking Limited but also a way for us to move forward

So friends, now we know about the plan and product of ccfbanking
  • Personal Loan
  • Business Loan
  • Gold Loan
  • Vahan Loan
  • Mortgage Loan
  • Electric Iteam Loan
  • Electronic Iteam Loan
  • Funiture Iteam Loan
  • Marchant Business loan
  • Marchant Advanceb Cash
  • Credit crad
  • Debit card
  • ccfbanking Digi Kendra 300+ services
  • Financial indusion 5+
  • Citizen Services 5+
  • Utility payment 300 +
  • Travel services 5+
  • Loan Services 30+
  • Insurance 20+
  • Business Service 20+
  • Shoping 10,000 + product
Friends, we can choose schemes from 12 months to 5 years and longer than this, not only in ccfbanking you get more interest on your savings. Rather you will be happy to know that in ccfbanking you do not have to wait for your Muturity Fund. ccfbanking Limited returns your Muturity amount to you on the day of Muturity. Same day Muturity is a policy of ccfbanking.

So friends, now about the Career Operchunity in ccfbanking
Friends ccfbanking Limited is a public company in India under the Government of India.
Working with ccfbanking today is like a dream come true. The high standard environment in which they work with ccfbanking. Where is this atmosphere?

ccfbanking does not give you a good career and a good opportunity to move forward in life, but AI is a platform where you can increase your ability and skills many times.
Correct use of your skills and can be a great opportunity to move forward in the creer. Q: In today's era, no one wants insecurity in their job.

In ccfbankingccfbanking, you not only get permanent after working for few days, but you are also provided with facilities like EPF, ESIC, TA, DA, Greguaty, Retairment, Yerly salary increment, festival bonus.


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