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ccfbanking Nidhi Limited (“ccfbanking”, “we”, “us”, “our”), respects every individual’s right to privacy and it is our endeavour to protect their personal and Sensitive personal data or information (defined below).

This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) applies to all visitors (i.e. those who do not have an Account with ccfbanking) and users (i.e. those who have an Account with ccfbanking ) (collectively referred to as “User”) who share their personal and Sensitive personal data with us, while visiting, accessing, browsing and using our website and mobile application (collectively referred to as “Website”). The purpose of this Policy is to inform Users regarding collection, use, storage, transfer and disclosure of their data. Before submitting any information to us, please carefully read this Policy to understand how we shall treat your information.

The User acknowledges that this Policy is a part of ccfbanking's Terms of Use and all terms defined in the Terms of Use have the same meaning here in this Policy. Access, browsing and continuous use of the Website constitutes the User’s unconditional consent to this Policy read together with the Terms of Use. If the User does not agree with the terms of this Policy, please do not visit and use our Website. This Policy can be easily accessed at various places on our Website, including but not limited to when Users create an account with us on our Website.

ccfbanking reserves its right to modify, alter, and update this Policy at any time, with or without prior notice. Although, Users shall be notified of material changes through their registered email address or any other mode of communication available with us, it is advised that they consult this Policy regularly to be updated about the changes. If a User continues to use or avail the services of the Website after any modification, amendment, alteration or change of this Policy, irrespective of whether notice was sent to the User or published on the Website, such User is hereby deemed to provide consent to this Policy and InstantPay’s other Policies and practices existing at the time of visiting, accessing and/or using the Website.

This Policy is published in compliance of:
  • Section 43A of the Information Technology Act, 2000 (“Act”)
  • Regulation 4 of the Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Information) Rules, 2011 (“SPI Rules”)
  • We recommend contacting us for assistance if you experience any issues regarding products.


Personal Information
SPI Rules define “Personal Information” as any information that relates to a natural person, which, either directly or indirectly, in combination with other information available or likely to be available with a body corporate, is capable of identifying such person. Such information includes name, address, mobile number, etc.

Sensitive personal data or information

SPI Rules define “Sensitive personal data or information” of a person as personal information which consists of information relating to:
  • Passwords;
  • Financial information such as bank accounts or credit card or debit card or other payment instrument details;
  • Physical, physiological and mental health condition;
  • Sexual orientation;
  • Medical records and history;
  • Biometric information;
  • any of the information received under above clauses by body corporate for processing or storage under lawful contract or otherwise.
Payment Data
“Payment Data” is defined as end-to-end transaction details and information pertaining to payment or settlement transaction that is gathered / transmitted / processed as part of a payment message / instruction. Payment Data includes - Customer data (Name, Mobile Number, email, Aadhaar Number, PAN number, etc. as applicable); Payment sensitive data (customer and beneficiary account details); Payment Credentials (OTP, PIN, Passwords, etc.); and, Transaction data (originating & destination system information, transaction reference, timestamp, amount, etc.).

Consent for collection of Personal Information
Users provide their consent to the use, disclosure, storage, possession, receiving, dealing or handling of their Personal Information by accessing, browsing, or availing services on the Website.

Users provide their consent to the use, disclosure, storage, possession, receiving, dealing or handling of their Personal Information by accessing, browsing, or availing services on the Website.

In accordance with Rule 5 of SPI Rules, Users provide their specific consent to the use, disclosure, storage, possession, receiving, dealing or handling of their Sensitive personal data or information for lawful purposes enumerated in this policy through checking the box affirming such consent appearing at the time of creation of their Account on the Website.

ccfbanking presumes adequate and lawful parental consent in case the Personal Information or Sensitive personal data or information is shared by a User under the age of 18 years.

Types of information we collect

The Users who access and use our Website are required to submit certain Personal Information and Sensitive personal data or information for creating an Account, entering into transactions with us and obtaining customer support services. Personal Information and Sensitive personal data or information which may be collected by us includes:
  • Full name and age;
  • Username and password;
  • PAN;
  • Password of User’s account registered with us;
  • Postal address;
  • E-mail address;
  • Mobile number;
  • Internet protocol (IP) addresses (through cookies);
  • URL of website accessed prior to and post Users’ accessing our Website;
  • Credit/debit card number, credit/debit card expiration date and/or other payment instrument details;
  • User’s feedback, queries, e-mails, letters, suggestions provided to us;
  • third party information about concerned User’s activities or postings on the Website;
  • any other information relevant for accessing and using our Website as maybe required by us.

Purpose of collection

We shall collect your Personal Information or Sensitive personal data or information only for specific, clear and lawful purposes. These include:
  • To give the User a safe, efficient, smooth and personalised experience while using our Website;
  • To improve our services and products;
  • To respond to your queries or complaints generally related to our services, etc;
  • To send promotional emails containing information about our existing and new products/services, newsletters, notify changes in this Policy or other policies etc;
  • To analyse the traffic on our Website and conduct market research regarding users’ demographics, interests, and behaviour;
  • To create new products and services;
  • To provide customer support services;
  • To detect, prevent and address error, fraud, criminal activity, abuse of our services and technical issues;
  • To enforce Terms of Conditions;
  • To provide co-branded services in affiliation with more than one corporate entity;
  • Other such lawful purposes as described at the time of collection of Personal Information or Sensitive personal data or information.
How information is collected
We collect information which the User voluntarily provides us at the time of visiting, accessing, browsing and using our Website, our social media profiles, and customer support service. We also collect data automatically by analysing your online behaviour (through cookies).

The User has an option to not provide us with certain information or withdraw consent to provide certain information at any time, in accordance with the terms of this Policy. In case consent is withdrawn, we shall retain your Personal Information or Sensitive personal data or information for a period deemed appropriate by us or as mandated by law. On revoking of your consent, we reserve the right to limit access to the various features and services provided on the Website.

Disclosure of information
You expressly consent to and authorize us to share your Personal Information and Sensitive personal data or information with our trusted affiliates and any other third party, to the extent and for the lawful purposes as stated in this Policy. We shall not disclose any Personal Information or Sensitive personal data or information to any government institution or authority, except where such disclosure is (i) obligated by law, (ii) requested by a lawfully authorized government authority, (iii) pursuant to a judicial decree, (iv) for enforcing and protecting the legal rights of InstantPay or others’, (v) for seeking any relief, (vi) for defending any charge, (vii) for opposing any claim, (viii) for enforcing this Policy or our Terms of Use, (ix) for obtaining any legal advice. We also reserve our right to disclose, share or transfer your Personal Information or Sensitive personal data or information to a third party due to any change in ownership, merger, restructuring or sale of our business assets.

Use of cookies and other technologies
To improve the effectiveness and usability of the Website for our Users, we use “cookies”, or similar technology to collect information and assign each visitor a unique random number called as a User Identification (User ID) in order to understand the User's individual interests. Our web servers automatically collect limited information about the User’s computer connection to the Internet, including User’s IP address, when the User visits the Website (User’s IP address is a number that lets computers connected to the internet know where to send data to the User such as the web pages viewed by the User).

Users may encounter “cookies” or other similar devices on certain pages of the Website that are placed by third parties. We do not control the use of cookies by third parties and disclaim any obligation or liability associated thereto.

Links to other websites
The Website provides links to other websites which may or may not collect information about the User. The User acknowledges that this Policy does not cover the collection and use of information by such sites and that we shall not be responsible for the privacy policies, practices or content of the linked websites.

Correction and updation of information
The User shall promptly notify us in case any Personal Information or Sensitive personal data or information supplied by such User as maintained in our records is inaccurate, misleading or incomplete. Further, the User may also review, update or modify the information by logging into their Account on the Website. We shall not be responsible for the authenticity of Personal Information or Sensitive personal data or information supplied by a User.

Retention of information
Your Personal Information and Sensitive personal data or information may be retained and used until: (i) the relevant purposes for the use of your information described in this Policy are no longer applicable; and (ii) we are no longer required by applicable law, regulations, contractual obligations or legitimate business purposes to retain your information; and (iii) the retention of your information is not required for the establishment, exercise or defense of any legal claim.

ccfbanking may send direct mailers to the User at the email address given by the User. The User has the option to opt-out of this direct mailer by way of links provided at the bottom of each mailer or any other means as ccfbanking deems appropriate. ccfbanking respects every User’s privacy and in the event that User chooses to not receive such mailers, ccfbanking will take all steps to remove the User from the list. If a User wants to remove his/her/it’s contact information from all mailing lists and newsletters, the same can be done through “Profile” page of his/her/it’s account with ccfbanking.

We use third-party advertising companies to serve ads when you visit our Website. These companies may use your anonymized information (i.e. information which does not include your name, address, email address or mobile number) in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you. Such anonymized information is usually in the form of aggregated statistics on traffic to various pages within our Website.

Data Localization
In compliance with Reserve Bank of India’s circular RBI/2017-18/153 DPSS.CO.ODNo.2785/06.08.005/2017-2018 dated April 6, 2018, all Users, including system participants, service providers, intermediaries, payment gateways, third party vendors and other entities in the payments ecosystem, who are retained or engaged by InstantPay for providing payment services shall mandatorily store entire Payment Data in systems located only in India. Notwithstanding the above, for cross border transaction data, consisting of a foreign component and a domestic component, a copy of the domestic component may also be stored abroad, if required.

How we secure the information
The Website has put stringent security measures necessary to prevent misuse, unauthorised access, modification, disclosure or destruction of your Personal Information and Sensitive personal data or information in our control. All information collected by us is stored on servers secured behind a firewall; such servers are password-protected and access is strictly limited based on need-to-know basis.

We may undertake periodic review of our security safeguards and this Policy to incorporate such future changes as may be appropriate to ensure that integrity of your Personal Information and Sensitive personal data or information is intact. In case of any security breach which is likely to cause harm to the User, we shall notify the User of such breach as soon as practicable and take necessary measures to remedy the breach or mitigate any immediate harm.

If you seek any clarifications regarding this Policy or wish to raise any issue or grievance with respect to illegal access, use or disclosure of Personal Information, please e-mail at

We shall attempt to resolve any issues within a period of thirty (30) days from the date of receipt of the question, concern, grievance or report.

Most Important Terms & Conditions

[Federal Bank Cards]
The ccfbanking Prepaid Card is issued to you by Federal Bank (“Bank”). The word 'you' denotes the Card purchaser or user.

Card or ccfbanking Prepaid Card refers to a MasterCard prepaid Card issued by Federal Bank to the Card Purchaser pursuant to the Purchaser filling the Prepaid Card Application Form and fulfillment of all other relevant terms and conditions as stipulated by the Bank from time to time.

Cardholder(s) shall mean such individuals to whom the Card has been delivered by the bank/ Card purchaser and who are authorized to hold and use the Card. Federal Bank or the Bank shall mean The Federal Bank Limited, the owners of the Card, its successors, assigns and nominees/representatives.

Contact Centre shall mean the 24 hours Contact Centre of the Bank the service of which shall be available to all Card Members.

Transactions shall mean any instruction given by a Cardholder using a Card directly or indirectly to the Bank to effect a transaction.

  • All references to singular include plural and vice versa and the word includes should be construed as without limitation.
  • Words imparting any gender include the other gender.
  • Reference to any statute, ordinance or other law includes all regulations and other instruments and all consolidations, amendments, re-enactments or replacements for the time being in force.
  • All headings, bold typing and italics (if any) have been inserted for convenience of reference only and do not define limit or affect the meaning or interpretation of the Terms.
  • References to MasterCard regulations pertain to the guidelines issued by MasterCard to all the member banks of its network.
  • The signature of the purchaser/user must be affixed at the back of the card on receipt of the same. The card may be kept in safe custody of the purchaser/user. The PIN and other security details of the card shall be kept confidential and not be disclosed to any third party, and in case of any loss or damages caused to such act or omission on the part of the purchaser/user, the Bank shall not be responsible for the same.
  • The purchaser/user shall not record the PIN or other security information in any form in order to prevent the third party in getting access to the PIN or other security information.
  • The Bank shall not be responsible for any loss caused to the purchaser/user due to a technical breakdown of the payment system, loss, theft or skimming, dispute regarding the transactions between the merchant and the purchaser/user.
  • By signing on the back of the Card, or by using the Card, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. The Card must be signed by the Card User before use.
  • If you are the Card Purchaser, you must notify these Terms and conditions to the User of the Card and ensure that the User read and understood the same. The Card remains the Bank's property.
  • The Card is a Rupay card that can be used for purchase of goods and services where RupayCard Prepaid cards are accepted for electronic transactions. The Card is a credit card and nor is it linked to a deposit account with the Bank. Some merchants may choose not to accept Rupay Prepaid cards.
  • The card can be used at any ATM location in India, where Rupay prepaid cards are accepted for cash withdrawal and balance enquiry. The card is not valid for use outside India. Charges at such rates as fixed by the Bank from time to time shall be levied for all transactions tried/attempted/failed. Bank reserves the right to revise the charges from time to time without notice/intimation to the purchaser/user. Most updated and detailed schedule of charges shall be published in the Bank's website
  • The bank will allot a unique PIN number to this card which will allow you to access the account balance, mini statement through internet or any other mode as advised by the bank from time to time and also for payment using the card through internet.
  • The card is reloadable at any ccfbanking outlet/online at
  • All the fees/taxes/surcharges/service charges if any and all other levies related to the Card shall be borne by you.
  • Card activation will happen automatically (usually within 24 hours of Card purchase) for cards purchased from a branch of the Bank.
  • The Card cannot be used to make transactions that exceed the available balance. For such a transaction, you need to pay the difference by another method if the merchant agrees.
  • The card is valid until the expiry date shown on the front of the card or three years from the date of activation, whichever is earlier and cannot be used after expiry. At expiry, the remaining available balance will be forfeited. The purchaser of the Card will be alerted 2 weeks before the date of expiry of the Card through SMS or email.
  • The card cannot be used to take (other than at ATMs) or redeem cash and cannot be used for making direct debit, recurring or regular installment payments. The purchaser understands that authorisations of the cards will be declined at some merchants/some sites and bank will not be responsible for the same.
  • In case of loss of card, the card account can be blocked either by you or the user of the card by calling up the Contact Centre & furnishing the required information for blocking the card. A replacement card would only be issued on the request of the purchaser of Card.
  • Re-issue of PIN shall be done on the request of the Purchaser and the same shall be sent to the communication address of the Purchaser.
  • The Cardholder will inform Federal Bank in writing within 15 days, if any irregularities or discrepancies exist in the transactions/particulars of the Card Account on any Statement that is made available to the Cardholder. If Federal Bank does not receive any information to the contrary within 15 days Federal Bank may assume that the Statement and the transactions are correct.
  • You are solely responsible for protecting your card, PIN number and any password given by the Bank for the use of the facility. The Bank will not beliable for:
    • Any unauthorised use of the PIN, Card or any fraudulent, duplicate or erroneous instructions given by use of the PIN or Card;
    • Unauthorized access by any other person to any information/instructions given by the customer or breach of confidentiality;
  • You are responsible for all transactions on the Card. If you notice any error relating to the Card, you should notify Cardholder Services immediately or provide contact number or mail to us at
  • If you have a problem with a purchase made with the card or a dispute with a merchant, you must deal directly with the merchant involved. The Bank shall not be liable for any transactions between card purchaser/user and the merchant.
  • The Bank may at its absolute discretion restrict, block and stop the usage of card at anytime if any suspicious activities are noticed. The decision of the bank as to whether an activity is suspicious or not shall be final and binding upon you.
  • In case of “ccfbanking Prepaid Card” where the cards are issued to the companies, it is the responsibility of the companies to return back the “ccfbanking Prepaid Card” in the event of resignation/ termination/retirement of the employees. Bank shall not be responsible for any loss caused to the company for non-compliance of the same.
  • Company shall provide the Bank with the list of its employees who are allotted with the “ccfbanking Prepaid Card”. Bank shall dispose 'My Pay Card' to the company only on receiving photograph and ID card of the employee who are allotted with “ccfbanking Prepaid Card”. Bank shall not be responsible for the loss caused to the company on account of wrong deliver of cards in deviation from the list provided.
  • No fraud claims shall be entertained by the bank.
  • You are responsible for checking your transaction history online and knowing your available balance. For any further assistance call on +91 8581893488 or reach us at
  • Information will be disclosed to third parties about the Card, or transactions made with the Card, whenever allowed by law, required by law, and also where necessary to operate the Card and process transactions.
  • The fees and charges levied for the prepaid cards are available at Federal Bank web site
  • The Bank reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time. The most current version will always appear at the website.
  • The Card can be cancelled or refunded only by the applicant purchaser.
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